The Mypaint ppa for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Elementary OS

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( screenshot : Mypaint from ppa on Linux Mint 17.3 cinnamon 64bit on February 2016. )

[original article posted on august 2011, last update: Feb 2016]

The Mypaint main developper Andrew Chadwick maintains a ppa. This ppa provides fresh versions of Mypaint for Linux Mint 17.3 , Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ( and Ubuntu-testing 15.10 )  and Elementary Freya 0.3 users.

To install Mypaint via this ppa, copy the code lines one by one ( Ctrl + C in your browser ) and paste them one by one in a terminal windows ( Ctrl + Shift + V ) then press enter. 

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:achadwick/mypaint-testing
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mypaint mypaint-data-extras

External links :

Ppa page for more info : 

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License: CC-BY David Revoy,, .

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  flem - Reply

Grande nouvelle !
Merci pour cette info. :D

  ArtSymptom - Reply

Hey David, thats good news, but I'm on fedora now :( theres no way I can install this using other commands rather than apt?

  André VAZ - Reply

Merci pour l'info Deevad !!!

  Maurício Marinho - Reply

Thanks for sharing (:

  nack972 - Reply

Je cherchait un ppa a jour merci!!
(mise à jour doc Ubuntu-fr??)

  Tepee - Reply

Merci Deevad pour cette info, je vais tester ça (pour scratchpad, je pense que je comprendrai mieux en l'utilisant).
Tu es toujours sur la brèche question bleeding versions, et tu trouves encore le temps d'avoir une production graphique de qualité... Impressionnant.

  Andre´ - Reply

Thanks for that! I installed mypaint with your old installation-guide. Can you please tell me how to get rid off that stuff? :-)

  Nezumi - Reply

I know this isn't the place to ask probably - please kindly consider that I am artist that is completely not into all that technical stuff - linux with its many distributions, compilations - gives me shivers lol. Any ideas when new version of MyPaint will show up for Windows? I am DAILY checking their website but there is virtually no new information. I wish everybody would be that informative as Blender devs.. Appreciate answer.

  David REVOY - Reply

Oh, cool you all likes this ppa as I like it :D

@Nezumi : Truely , I have no idea about Windows build ; I even don't know who is the volonteer who packed Mypaint for Windows the first times, and if he would continue it. I guess when a official Mypaint 1.0 will be released , the packagers will convert this version.
And don't be affraid about Linux terminal codes :) 3 lines to copy paste in a text console are easier for me than download a installer on internet, save it, open it , click next next next on the pop-up windows and figure out where the stuff get installed. This is just about way to do it. You should try ;)

@Andre´ : If you want to clean the version installed with my previous guide, just open a nautilus with admin rights ( gksudo nautilus ) , then go to the folder at the root folder of the system , then in , /usr/local ; in the subfolder 'bin' it should have a mypaint to delete as well as in 'lib' and 'share'. That's suffisent ;) be just sure to don't delete other folders or program :)

@Tepee : Merci Tepee :) Ca me prends beaucoup de temps toutes ces installations en plus de faire tourner mon activité freelance. Ca me fait plaisir de voir que c'est remarqué. Merci.

@nack972 : Cool :) Pour la doc d'ubuntu , à toi l'honneur ;) Sinon de passage je regarderais au wiki.

@ArtSymptom : On Fedora, I advice you to compile it from the source code ; I did it since the 3 last years, so it's not a huge deal to do. You can read how I do it in this article (yep, I know , another compiling stuff , good luck ! keep the force ! ) :

@flem : Oui, très bonne et très simple pour les utilisateurs d'Ubuntu. J'aime beaucoup aussi suivre le développement de soft en ppa.

  Erick ( Dinobonoide ) - Reply

eu amei ! queria muito que tivesse versão windows : (

  Erick ( Dinobonoide ) - Reply

I loved it! felt very strongly that had windows version: (

  Otto Robba - Reply

Great news David! Thanks for this :)
This also helped me find the folders and remove a buggy install xD

Cheers. :)

  Milad Thaha - Reply

How come you've got your panels docked on the sides?!?! I don't see such an option anywhere D: And I'm on the latest version, on Windows. Perhaps I should try the linux version.

  Otto Robba - Reply

This is from the latest build so, afaik, it is not so much about platform but rather that in Linux is just easier to get it (ppa, easy way to pull git, etc...). I'm sure it can be had in windows, but one would need to compile it. And I know squat about that.

  Sen Lin - Reply

Thank you!
Using ~ ~
Welcome to my Blog guest

  Majnun Qalandar - Reply

Great work! Much better in use.

  Steven Powers (SMP) - Reply

This is great. I will try this ASAP/ Thank you Andrew.

  Ashi - Reply

does not work on Ubuntu 11.10

  David REVOY - Reply

@Ashi : This version 'Ocelot' of Ubuntu is not released yet ; so still in beta testing , right ?
Logical if not yet in Ppa . To install a recent Mypaint on it ; I advice you for the moment to build it :

  Ashi - Reply


  Steven Powers (SMP) - Reply


fyi ...I just posted on MyPaint 1.0 and gave a link back to you. The commands for Linux is very helpful. I really like the new features in MyPaint.

Keep up the good work;

  David REVOY - Reply

@Steven Powers (SMP) : cool :) Good blog btw , I liked the video tutorial about perspective line with Gimp.

  Steven Powers (SMP) - Reply

Thanks David. I personally learn more from watching how something is done and it looks like most people do as well, with all the video tutorials out there.

I glad to see a Windows build for MyPaint 1.0 available since I don't compile my own builds.

  daddoo - Reply

bonjour, est ce que ça veux dire que je ne pas besoin de supprimer mon ancienne version pour lancer la nouvelle (sur ubuntu) ?
J'y vais direct avec le code...
merci .

  daddoo - Reply

-je n'est pas besoin- sorry...

  Milad Thaha - Reply

I just moved up from Mint 11 to 12, got its such a foresaken disaster O_o Good thing Mate exists, else I wouldn't know what to do.

You should also mention that the cleans up stuff itself even after an interruption of some sort (eg: shutdown). My laptop ran out of battery (Mate doesn't have power indicators, by default) and it was already an hour into the installation process; on the next start I didn't need to repair much myself, the script did everything for me ^_^

  Dima Malenko - Reply

You can try new MyPaint online without installing at (registration is required).

If there is no build for your system yet, this is a great option.

  Shnatsel - Reply

I got annoyed by the fact that there's no PPA with *stable* MyPaint for older distros like Ubuntu 12.04, so I made one: … -backports

For the moment I've just built the 1.1 from Saucy for Precise and Quantal, mostly for my own use. Other people stuck on 12.04 may find it useful.

  David REVOY - Reply

@Shnatsel : Hey Shnatsel, this is a very good news. I'm planning to centralise a page on my 'tutorial' with all useful ppa. I'll add your. I'll note it on my to-do , I hope I can make it next month. Thanks !

  itumac - Reply

I really like to visit this site as it has different articles about graphics and art created everyday

  cfdev - Reply

Ho good new about Mypaint project! it is Alive !!
I'll test this.

  Steve Powers - Reply

FYI...There is also a Windows build for MyPaint 1.2 which I have been playing with for a couple of weeks. It is very light weight ir regards to resources and I haven't had any crashes at all. The features I very nice.

  goutam sachdeva - Reply

I am planning to install openSUSE Linux. Will Mypaint project work on that?
Thanks in advance

  David REVOY - Reply

I cannot say ; I didn't tested. I guess it depends of the version of OpenSuse, the tablet hardware you have and what you want to install as a desktop environment. Good luck!

  attention lien trompeur - Reply

Attention, le lien originel de MyPaint cité dans l'article semble rediriger à présent vers un site trompeur (bloqué par uBlock origin et Firefox lui même)

Le nouveau lien semble être :

  David REVOY - Reply

Merci! En effect. C'est mis à jour à présent.

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