Fractal mermaid

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With this artwork of a mermaid starts a project : publishing artworks on this blog alongside my personal career in illustration and concept-art. This approach was inspired by the many webcomics I frequent, and I thank a lot their authors.

No WIP (Work in Progress) or unfinished sketch, nothing but the final result of the experiment as I thought it could be published. I will try to update the gallery of my portfolio to date, such as galleries and forums which I participate. I'm not sure to comment each time. I will keep posting too about digital painting tutorial and resources.

This artwork was created with Gimp-painter and Mypaint. I wish myself good luck and perseverance in this adventure, and it lasts as long as possible! I hope you will enjoy ;)



  Yorik - Reply

This is probably the best news of the week... I also wish you good luck and perseverance in this adventure, and it lasts as long as possible!


  Gabri - Reply

Yes, I think too that's a very good news!
Thanks for sharing your work with us


  Lanzorg - Reply

Pretty Good !!! (1 more RSS in my aggregator)


  cacysunlee - Reply

great news

i'm very excited about the new pictures
maybe we can wish some things?


  DeburgER - Reply

Nice work!! Really great!... Waits next week =)


  Patricio MiƱaur - Reply

Es hermosa!
It is beautiful! :D


  David Revoy OP , - Reply

Thanks a lot for welcoming my project of weekly painting.
Wish something ? Why not :)


  the flash season 3 episode 10 - Reply

such a lovely art !

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