Tons of potions, part.2 : Multifill

Source file for corrections/translation ( libreoffice draw, *.odg ) is available in this folder 

[edit 21 december 2015 ]
Thanks JA12 in the comments for sharing his ( advanced ) method in a video timelapse.
This method can do the random coloring from Blender directly.




  j-rocky - Reply

3d art greatly help every 2d artists nowadays, this way can replace classical techniques as a reference source which typically use a photograph or look at the objects directly, i'm using this techniques since 6 years ago. And what i learn from you since 2012 is the usage of filter to make the work more faster and finished without decrease the quality. And i never know at the first time that an open source program can do a really cool stuff like this, perhaps 8 or ten years later i think open source can make something more unbelievable than this.
Keep it up David!


  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@j-rocky : Thank you J-rocky! oh, and true, I use many filters.


  JA12 - Reply

Nice tutorials again David.

These latest ones inspired me to record few additional Blender tips on the subject and compile them in a tutorial-ish package. Maybe those can be helpful to someone

The video uses your content on
I hang around on IRC and I'll leave my e-mail address, contact me if there is any problem in using those on the video and I'll remove them.


  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@JA12 : Thank you JA12! No problem at all, it's all CC-By material and you quote the origin in your video. You are free to promote or even do a commercial usage about it.
I'll edit my article and insert your youtube video at the end ; you are much more skilled than me because you know how to apply the random coloring of particle directly with Blender nodes ! A good learn.


  Md Sumon - Reply

Wow ! very nice and informative tutorials . These photography and painting are very cute . So thanks a lot for sharing these with us.


  Salim Ahmed - Reply

Professional tutorial. The tutorial provide great information. Thanks


  Taposy Rabeya - Reply

So cool. Your tutorial is great and easy to follow. Love so much your painting. How many time you spent to complete these??


  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Taposy Rabeya : Thank you. The time ? I don't know, a countless amount of time :)


  Moritz Molch - Reply

As amazing as always. Here is your share of health and energy potions for you (hopefully you won't need them though ^^):

Kind regards,


  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Moritz Molch :Woohoo ! Thank you Moritz Molch for passing by and for sharing the result of the tutorial. :-)

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