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Note : This page is an update ( old version : 25 december 2009 ).
* License changed from CC-By to CC-0 ( Public Domain )
* General update of the page and files

Download :

Download the compressed 2 *.gpl files  : davidrevoy-palettes-v2.tar.gz ( 10KB )
[update 2015-10-09, new alternative link as ZIP]  : ( 5KB )

Install :

Extract the archive, the two *.gpl files are compatible with Gimp , Mypaint post 1.1 and Krita

Infos :

Classic kit  ( by default in Mypaint 1.1 ) : The aim of this kit is to mimic color range met in traditional art ( exept for the last raw  : digital RGB + CMYK pure colors.

 All color kit  ( by default in Mypaint 1.1, Krita, GPS ) : The "All color kit" is a kit for having a wide range of colors. The kit mimic on the top  a traditional Photoshop palette ; some user are really used too, it's became a classic. On bottom there is large gradients from white colored passing at middle to the pure color and finishing to the black colored tone, large gradient from a pure color to another one ( ex ; pure digital red / to yellow ), at the end various skin tones.

License :

The distribution and the files are under the CC-0 , public domain

Support: I'd love to have your support to continue to publish my work for free.
Become my Patron (... or check other options.)

License: CC-BY David Revoy, with additional custom rules
mentioned at the end of the article, .

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  Jolan - Reply

Great !!!
Really Usefull

  Nathan - Reply

Thanx a million... always have had trouble with a proper pallette!

  moalex - Reply

Thank you, mister Revoy ^^
This will be a lot helpful, for sure.

  Sévérino - Reply

Bonne Année et mes Meilleurs Voeux pour 2010 ! Un santé de Fer et des couleurs à profusion !

Merci BEAUCOUP pour le Cadeau, je vais tenter d'installer tout cela sous gimp et mypaint 0.71 (cela doit être pareil sous la version 0.8 qui n'est pas encore sortie...)

Grâce à DURIAN j'ai découvert ton art, GPS et mypaint !! MERCI ! MERCI !!

A bientôt,
ps : Je pensais que tu allais continuer le projet DURIAN jusqu'au bout... snif...

  David Revoy - Reply

Hey Thanks a lot for the comments !
@moalex: ;-)
@Sévérino: Avec plaisir et merci pour tes voeux, pour Durian je devrais me remettre à travailler dessus en février, mais pas à plein temps.

  C Stockton - Reply

Thank you, I'm just getting started in Gimp, and GPS. This will be useful.

  Cat - Reply

Merci, je viens juste de l'installer dans mes Gimp palettes ^_^

  ag - Reply

Just wanted to mention, that users of Arch Linux can get now this pre-installed when using gimp-studio package (

  William - Reply

thanx for the paletes.. they are SUPER!

I do not see how to load them up for MyPaint.. it is not easy, version 0.8.0


  David Revoy - Reply

Thanks all !

@Ag : I included your link in my DVD Chaos&Evolutions for ArchLinux users. Thanks !

@William : Palettes for Mypaint were for the Iportnov branch developement ( 0.7 ) . Maybe the palette will re-appear in the 0.9 series. If you install your version from Giterious source code, you can switch to the Iportnov branch and use his version with palette.

  eukleyv - Reply

Hi, I'm working with Windows Vista and my MyPaint hasn't a "Load Pallete" submenu :(

Is there any other way to install it?

  tayete - Reply

Hi, I love your work (and your goodies too!). Just a question: is there a way to load your colour palette in the new version of MyPaint?
Thanks a lot!

  REVOY David - Reply

Hi Tayete :
Thanks for the comments ; unfortunately, the feature 'palette' for Mypaint is still not at the horizon of 0.9.2 or 1.0 ...

  AS - Reply

I'm using GIMP 2.6, and i just downloaded your palettes, but I can't seem to figure out how to have them appear with the program. I followed the instructions and put them in the proper folder. Any advice?

  REVOY David - Reply

@AS : If the *.gpl palette files is well pasted into (your-user-name)/.gimp-2.6/palettes/ , you should saw it in Gimp.
Try when open Gimp , try in the menu bar to go to Windows>Dockable Panel > Palettes ; and in the palette panel, go to the top : the name is "1-All color for good choice". You can double click on it to use it.

  kot-barbos - Reply

Another good stuff from Deevad! ;)

  Silvio Grosso - Reply

Hi David,

Thanks a lot indeed for your last contribution: luckily for us, you never quit! :D

Just in case someone is interested, I have read there is a new feature in the "upcoming" stable Gimp 2.10 release (to be released somewhere at the end of 2013...) which concerns the palette tool as well.

Here it is. … -py-plugin

Here is the first YouTube video concerning this new feature (there are 4 of them):

Happy new year 2013 to everyone

Silvio Grosso

  David REVOY - Reply

@Silvio Grosso : Thanks for the link Silvio ( and Happy New Year ! ) ; I ignored those improvements. They feel really advanced. Good because I wouldn't mind to use Gimp as a palette editor now Mypaint and Krita are compatible with the palette files. I actually do it. Thanks again, good info.

  Ralf Schoofs - Reply

Happy New Year and thank You very much for the palettes. I appreciate Your work!:D

  syahmi - Reply

looks cool, but how do you want to make it appear on krita? I use krita 2.8 version

  David REVOY - Reply

@syahmi :Hi, you don't need those in Krita 2.8. This one are from 2009 ( 5 years old ) and I'm maintaining the palette into Mypaint and Krita nowadays ( the default ones you have at install ).
Just open the Palette dockers ( Settings > Dockers > Palette ) and on the bottom left icon, switch the palette.
'Classic one' = 'Default'
'All colors' = 'Gradients' ( also splitted with 'Ps' )

  syahmi - Reply

Thanks. I,m still new in this field. There are still many things I didn't know. BTW, cool tutorial you have here. There is a lot of things that I learn from it. keep up the good works. (sorry for grammar mistakes. english is not my mother language ).

  David REVOY - Reply

@syahmi : I can understand you very well. Thank you ! It keeps encouraging me for next tutorials.

  Morten - Reply

There is an error when unzipping the file with the palette. It says: "THere are som data at the end of the payload data...."...

  David REVOY - Reply

@Morten : Hey sorry for late reply, I was traveling. The tar.gz original link open without any problem on GNOME Archive Manager here. I added an alternative link ( zip ) today , maybe *.zip are a bit easier to read for other archive manager. Thanks for the repport!

  Taposy Rabeya - Reply

It's really useful and helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  Alan - Reply

Merci, c'est ce qui me manquait pour me sentir bien à l'aise avec MyPaint :-)

  José - Reply


Could you please tell me what is the GPS Software I saw in many comments ?

  David REVOY - Reply

Hey José, GPS was not really a software ; it was a 'configuration folder' to patch an old version of Gimp 2.6. This configuration folder gave to Gimp a better aspect, shortcut, more brushes, gradients, presets and palettes. The acronym GPS means 'Gimp Paint Studio' . It was a project started by the artist Ramon Miranda on the ex-Google-code platform, around 2008. I joined it after my first Dvd Chaos&Evolution in 2009. The refactoring of brushes on Gimp 2.8 did break a bit the project, and artists around started to get more interested into Krita where the Krita team directly merged all th GPS resources in main code. That's all :) ( wow, I realize it's story almost 10 years old now....)

  José - Reply

Oh ok, sorry about the silly question :)

  David REVOY - Reply

No problem, and not silly at all :)

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