Pepper&Carrot webcomic

Pepper&Carrot is the name of my free and open-source webcomic  about a little witch 'Pepper' and her cat 'Carrot', I started it in May 2014 and I'm still working on it now thanks to the support of patrons on Patreon. Patrons also support tutorials and resources on this website.

Here under , two reduced preview trimed from episode 6 and episode 7

For full episodes in hi-res , artworks , sources files and more , visit : 


  JessicaLillis - Reply

Wonderful cartoon gallery.Thank you for share this.

  Shian - Reply

Hi David

I don't know if its just me not able to find the links, but do you sell any prints of your art, esp with regards to Pepper & Carrot?

Or do you have another website selling prints?

Please could you add or direct me in the right direction if you do

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Shian : Hi Shian,
For the moment, I didn't setup anything specific to Pepper&Carrot.
The only things I have are artwork on my deviantart print gallery :
They propose poster, canvas printing, mugs, postcard, magnet printed from artworks.
I'll try to developp this summer a proper eshop with specific designed products.

  Craig - Reply


I really like what you are making here, so much so I am printing them out as mini comics for my daughters. I was wondering though, what fonts have you used for the heading and bylines?

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Craig : Thank you Craig !
The title for the font 'Pepper&Carrot' is a 'custom one' but not as a ttf file. Just a title art. It was designed to look a bit like with a bit of more pointyness, and erosion on the letters.
For the webcomic itself speechbubbles , I'm using Lavi :
You can find also all this files on the sources
( the github README link show all fonts )

  Craig - Reply

Thanks David

I will send you some pics when I have printed them so you can put them up on the Pepper & Carrot site if you like. I think it is a great way for artists to make money directly using Patreon and the fact you have open sourced it is fantastic.

I missed that github readme somehow. Thanks for the heads up.

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Craig : Thank you for your encouragements about my way to redifine what should be art on internet :-) I hope you'll not have too hard time to manage episode 1 and 2 ( they were made at a time where I wasn't designing story with pages , but as a single long strip ; they can be hard to cut, but possible ).

  Craig - Reply

No worries about the first two episodes, I opened up the source files in Krita and cropped them to single files. Do you want them for the source downloads?

PS. I own a little print company, prepress is my thing.

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Craig : Ha, no need for the cropped files. My issue is with the translation ; episode 2 has now over 18 lang in separate SVG files, and refactor all ( cropping all SVGs ) with episode 1 could take days. So , I prefer to let them like this for the moment.
Ho, prepress and printing ? nice !

  Simon - Reply

Vraiment de superbes réalisation, bravo !!

  Yohann - Reply

J'adore j'aimerai tellement savoir faire du print comme cela

  Mon Hello - Reply

Pff les images sont magnifiques, j'en reste bouche bée

  Robert - Reply

Est-ce que l'on peut se procurer tes bds en format papier ?

  arul - Reply

My kiddo enjoyed reading all the 20 episodes. Eyecatching pesentation. Looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing.

  arul - Reply

My kiddo enjoyed reading all the 20 episodes. Eyecatching pesentation. Looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing.

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