florian de graef -

That was a really cool and good comic!

  cfdev -

Sans parler du graphisme qui est magnifique comme tjs, le scénar est super, court mais super !

  deburger -

Short.... but nice! :)

  Skarfester -

Amazing! Magnifique!

  jj segura -

Super nice!

  Saverio -

Dear David,
happy holiday to you and many thanks for your works, they always enjoy and inspire...!

  Sam Saenz -

:) Thank you for this beautiful episode :) Happy Holiday!!!

  Raghu -

Very nice twist !!, Happy holidays to you David.

  Albert Westra -

Make me wish I had a snow ball I could play in. Thank you so much for your hard work. You really are an insparation to a lot of people, including me. Keep up the great work, and have a happy holidays! ^^

  Massimo -

Very fine, nice, surprising and enjoyable, just as the others,
but with an extra touch of emotion and warmth! : )
I can say with no doubt that your works are just as rare as they're good.

  Lenia -

Hi David, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place :D so please excuse me if I'm not. You seem to know your way around Krita's brush engine so I'd like to ask you a question, noob to pro. I'd like to tweak the behavior of a brush so that, if I go over the same area with a different brushstroke but with the same pressure, there will be no buildup of color on that area. The wash mode does this, but for the same brushstroke - that is, if you go over an area multiple times within the same brushstroke, it won't build up unless you apply more pressure to the stroke. To your knowledge, is it possible to achieve that, for separate brushstrokes? Thanks in advance! :)

Yours, Lenia

  David REVOY OP , -

@Lenia :Hi Lenia,
I think you are looking for something specific, and I'm not sure I can answer it exactly or even understand exactly the effect you are looking for.
What I undertsand, is you are looking for a 'wet brush' something that can interact with what exist on the canvas, without building over past stroke.

I can probably have something like this in my last brush development repository for 2.9beta ,
You can test this :
1. Download https://github.com/Deevad/deevad-krita- … master.zip
2. extract the Brush and PaintopPreset and patterns from this zipped folder
3. Copy and paste them , then go in Krita ( need to be a recent '2.9beta' version, one from less than a week ) Settings > Manage Ressources panel
4. find on this panel the button "Open Ressource Folder"
5. Paste the brushes and paintoppreset and patterns folder from my zip in this folder.
6. restart Krita , you should have new brushes : I have four or five brush preset with a stroke in yellow/orange that use a new wet possibility from 2.9.

If it's not this you are looking for, feel free to open a forum thread on Krita.org forum , and show with a picture example what you are looking for ( a sort of stroke simulation ).
Then send me the link to this forum. It's a little time investment but might be useful for the long run.
Good luck !

  Gotooh -

Oh god, they left the fire place on in the globe.

  Stephan Bored -

Hello David. I like Your style very much. I'll plan to do some graphic novel too. It's also about young sorceress. It will be huge story instead of single novels (I don't claim that I don't like schort novels, of course). At the moment I have got scenario prepared but the only problem is: I dont have painting skills like Yours. Try too compansate last time and here is my result: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Pepper-508118892.

At the moment is a Pepper made by me. But I hope You like it.

  Stephan Bored -

Paste link here again: http://fav.me/d8eir1o
Previous didn't work. Sorry for mess. I don't know how to edit post on your website.

  David REVOY OP , -

@Gotooh : :-D and also the door open !

@Stephan Bored : Hi Stephan, don't worry both link works ( I prefer to not make visitor's link active, to avoid code injection and keep security on my blog ). Thanks a lot for the fan-art training you made about Pepper&Carrot ( can I post it on the future 'fan-art' gallery of future official website ?) ; if you have idea of big story don't worry about your skill ; just have fun and tell the story with what you can ; as far as I can see, your skill is good enough to tell any story. Skill will improve by itself on the way ; just have fun !

  Stephan Bored -

"can I post it on the future 'fan-art' gallery of future official website ?"
Of course. You Can use it in any purposes. :).

"just have fun and tell the story with what you can"
Actually I’m just want to be fun and satisfied (with scenario and visual aspect) at the same time. :).
At the moment I hope, I’m near with what I need.

"as far as I can see, your skill is good enough to tell any story. Skill will improve by itself on the way ; just have fun !"
I glad You appreciate my stuff from deviantart, but consider all that pictures are repainted from other artist. If you want create your own comic, imo You have to paint many things from scratch- not only strictly base on other’ artist creations.
I painted first 10 pages of my story but I’m not satisfied enough. Cause it’s a mixture of many styles from such a deviantart artist, like: kr0npr1nz, sakimichan or mathias zamecki. All my stuff at the moment is little chaotic. First pages (made mainly in my style) are much worse than last pages.
If You want, I can send you those pages via private message and you will see what I meant.
All in all- it’s not enough “comic- style” and it’s very time- consuming. And any time when I created another page, I was returning back to Your “Pepper & Carrot” webpage, and thinking: “It should be something similar with IT”. :).

  David REVOY OP , -

@Stephan Bored : haha, thanks ! Sure, feel free to send me pages by email. I can't make long review/critic ; but I can certainly help with a bunch of sentences.

  Stephan Bored -

Any help from professional to beginner is priceless. Ok. Sent just yesterday.

  Lenia -

Thank you very much for the brush pack David, it's an awesome selection as always :D. I've had time to try them out and they're a joy to paint with. As is Krita, I'm falling more and more in love with it with each release :).
I eventually managed to achieve something along the lines of what I wanted with that brush. What I wanted was basically a sketch brush I could do my rough sketches with and I achieved it by using Source-Value rather than opacity or flow to control how paint is applied, with the brush set to Darken mode. Lightness or darkness of the stroke is given by the value and not by the transparency of a stroke. If you're curious to see what I meant, since it's a difficult effect to explain :D here's a dropbox link to it
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ra6jf8ytmh9d8 … e.kpp?dl=0
And thanks again for the wonderful brushes you're constantly making available to us!

  David REVOY OP , -

@Lenia : :) thanks for the feedback. I also tried your *.kpp ; very original brush ; and I like the usage of 'darken' blending mode to not make darker impossible to brighten. It's a good idea for brushes like markers ( I usually set 'multiply' for them, but multiply got tendencies to overburn and reach darks too fast ).

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