kram1032 -

That dragon cow is perfect!
And the punch line is great too. I actually expected something else to happen.

  Bugface -

I can't stop laughing! This was exceptional, and well worth the wait!

The art is absolutely phenomenal as well.

Merci beaucoup!

  JG Loquet -

Getting better all the time ! Really looking forward to seeing what's coming next ...

  Samuel Amarante -

wow! the colors and mood, keep on man, thats getting better at each release!

  Stribor -

The art as allways is astounding and the story especially with that little twist at the end,can't wait for the next chapter.

  Deburger -

Holy DragonCow! )))
Grete one!

P.S.: Не знаю кто этот Алексей, но он круто выделился благодаря отсутствию кириллицы в шрифте ;)

  Deburger -

sorry for my french ;)

  Serra -

Dragon cow was the boss! Loved it!!

  Kat!e -

I am in love with this comic! Your artwork is beautiful and your stories are charming. I can't wait to read more!

  Bobo -

Excellent, as usual !
This story kinda reminds me of an old Leonard comic strip. Very funny ! And my twisted mind has also fallen in love with the dragon cow ! ^_^
Keep entertaining us in such a brilliant way, David.

  PrinzEnrique -

This also needs Flattr buttons.

  cfdev -

Hi David, your drawing is wonderfull as usual but the story is very good and funny!
Good job, keep art!

  TheFaico -

Très bon boulot! Le dessin est magnifique comme dans les autres. J'ai adoré cette vache dragon qui mange d'arbres.
Y a pas beacoup de texte mais, est-ce qu'il serait possible que tu charges un fichier avec les textes originaux en français? Je suis espagnol, mais le français est ma deuxième langue et c'est peut-être la langue la plus utilisée de la bd européene.
On pourrait faire quelque chose comme ça … 1.jpg?dl=0
J'espère bientôt la continuation :)

  David REVOY OP , -

@kram1032 , @Bugface , @JG Loquet , @Samuel Amarante , @Stribor , @Serra , @Kat!e , @cfdev : Thank you !

@Deburger : Thx! haha, yes, the open font 'Lavi' I use don't contain those characters ( same for the chinese ) . I'll probably have to jump on the open-font community to resquest it because I'll keep using this font now for a long time I guess.

@Bobo : Thanks ! I'm a fan of "Leonard comic strip" . I had all comic in childhood, and it was my favorite French/Belgium style comic ; I'm very happy if my comic style transmit a bit of this big influence. :-)

@PrinzEnrique : Thanks for the feedback ; I'm not familiar with Flattr button, but I'll investigate to setup one for episode 4.

@TheFaico : Hey TheFaico ; sure and many thanks if you want to do translations ! here under is my original french version ( from my script and storyboard, I compose Pepper&Carrot almost in french on my first draft ); The english version was done with Amireeti to not translate word by word but keep it also fun in english. She does an amazing work. Also, you can find at the end of Pepper&Carrot the link to download the sources files ; inside you'll have the editable text-layers, and the open-font I use for it named 'Lavi' . You'll need to install Krita to edit the files, the text is on the top layer.

[narrateur] Ville de Commona, jour du marché
[narrator] Commona City, Market day

[Pepper] Bonjour Monsieur, J'aimerai huit courgétoiles s'il vous plait !
[Pepper] Good morning Sir, I would like eight pumpkinstars please !

[Seller] Et voici, ça fait 60ç
[Seller] Here you are, that's 60ç

[Pepper] Zut !  Heuu, désolé je vais en prendre que quatre finalement
[Pepper] ...Oh dear!  Uhh sorry, I'll have to take only four

[Saffron] Bonjour cher marchant, s'il vous plait deux dizaines de chaque. Qualité premium, comme d'habitude.
[Saffron] Greetings, good Sir. Please prepare two dozen of everything for me. Premium quality, as usual.

[Seller] C'est toujours un plaisir de vous servir Mademoiselle Saffron
[Seller] It's always a pleasure to serve you Miss Saffron

[Saffron] Hè, mais regardez moi ça ; c'est Pepper. Dit Donc ; je vois que les affaires marchent bien à la campagne ?
[Saffron] Hey look, it's Pepper. Oh let me guess: business is booming in the countryside?

[Pepper] ...
[Pepper] ...

[Saffron] J'imagine que tu prépares déjà tes ingredients pour le concours de potions de demain ?
[Saffron] I guess you're preparing the ingredients for tomorrow's potion challenge ?

[Pepper] ... un concours ? demain ?
[Pepper] ... a potion challenge ? tomorrow ?

[challenge paper] Concours de potion de Commona, prix de 50000ç pour la meilleure potion, Azarday 3 pinkmoon (date), grande place de Commona.
[challenge paper] Commona Potion Challenge , 50000ç grand prize for the best potion , on Azarday, 3 pinkmoon , grand plaza of Commona.

[Pepper] Quelle chance ce concours ! Et j'ai encore un jour complet pour me préparer, Bien sure que je vais participer !
[Pepper] Lucky me, I still have a full day to prepare ! Let's win this challenge !

[Pepper] Ha..! Je sais !  c'est exactement ce dont j'ai besoin ! Carrotte, pépare-toi, on part à la chasse aux ingredients !
[Pepper] Oh ... ! I know ... that's exactly what I need ! Carrot, get ready, we'll hunt for the ingredients together

[Pepper] Premièrement, il me faudrait des perles de brumes de nuages noirs.
[Pepper] First, I need a few pearls of mist from those black clouds

[Pepper] ... et quelques baies rouges de la forêt maléfique.
[Pepper] ... and some red berries from the haunted jungle

[Pepper] ... puis quelques coquilles d'oeuf de Phoenix de la vallée des volcans ...
[Pepper] ... plus egg shells from the Phoenix valley of the volcanos ...

[Pepper] ... Et enfin quelques gouttes de lait d'une jeune DragonVache
[Pepper] ...and finally a drop of milk from a young DragonCow

[Pepper] Ca y est Carotte, Je pense qu'on a tout...
[Pepper] That's it Carrot, I think I have everything I need.

[Pepper] Ca m'a l'air parfait
[Pepper] It looks ... ... Perfect

[Pepper] Mmmm... y'a pas à dire ; Meilleure .... Café .... de tous les temps !
[Pepper] Mmm... Best ... Coffee.... Ever !

[Pepper] C'était exactement ce dont j'avais besoin pour travailler cette nuit à la meilleure potion pour le concours de demain.
[Pepper] It's everything I'll need to work all night long and make the best potion for tomorrow's challenge.

  Itzcuauhtli -

Wow, great chapter David, was funny and colored. And I see that you write in the coment the french's dialogs version (perfect to learn french. I hope make the same in future chaptes) and I ask you: can you autorized me to translate the chaptes (1 & 3 and posteriors) at the spanish version??

Greetings from México. Take a great hug

  David REVOY OP , -

@Itzcuauhtli : Hi! Thanks ; sure I authorize and encourage you :-) The only constrain I have is to be quoted as the original author, and if there is a change ( in text or panel order , colors, etc ) to explain to the audience what you changed/improved and propose a link back to the original. Greetings from south of France :)

  TheFaico -

Voici les fichiers de Krita avec les textes en français … ar.gz?dl=0
Je n'ai fait que mettre tes textes avec quelques corrections et pour les ajuster aux bulles. J'ai pu voir dans le bonus pour patreons 'Heroes' que dans les brouillons Pepper demandait 4 courgeétoiles mais finalement prend 2, ici elle demande et prend le double respectivement comme dans la version finale :)

  David REVOY OP , -

@TheFaico : Merci ! et merci pour le soin de la gestion des courgétoile , c'est top ! J'ai mis les fichier à télécharger ; dommage que mon site n'a aucune option pour faire du multi-lingue -_-' ; si tu repostes quelquepart cette version en français , je peux peut-être ajouter le liens ici. Merci pour avoir mis les mains dans les sources ;-)

  David REVOY OP , -

Je viens de voir tout ça TheFaico ; c'est clean , quelques bulles serait à redimensionner pour être parfait ( note pour plus tards ; il faut que je fasse mes bulles en vectoriel ) et tu peux aussi t'ajouter dans les crédits de traduction :-)

  Orbmiser -

Great Works! and a Fun and Enjoying Read! :-)
Your Works was one of my motivators to get into Digital Drawing & Painting. And just Received my Huion H610 Tablet and learning Krita.

Started with your 3-part tutorial that is making it very easy to understand the process in creating a digital drawing. Great Thanks for that.

So When is the Blender Animation being released? :-)

But all kidding aside thanks for your commitment to the community and sharing the why's and howto's of the world of Digital Drawing & Painting. Much Appreciated!

  Itzcuauhtli -

Hi David, Itz here (again). I have ready the spanish versión from this chapter, and in the last page I add me as a translator for the Spanish version of your webcomic.

The pages are ready in .jpg format in this link: (a .zip package) I don't know if I have permission to publish in my dA, so for now it will be in the stash until further notice.

  David REVOY OP , -

@Itzcuauhtli : Hi Itzcuauhtli, very good work ! I saw the jpg, and they look perfect. Feel free to repost and republish everywhere you want ; even on a commercial support if you want ; as long as you keep the credits, there is no problem and I thank you about it. :-)

@Orbmiser : Thanks for the feedback ! It gives me energy to keep publishing tutorials.
>> So When is the Blender Animation being released? :-)
Ha ha ha ha ! Preproduction just ended ( or not ? ) at least my work on it as a concept-artist is over ( that's why I could last week finish last week Pepper&Carrot )

  SeriousM -

Great!! I love the DragonCow :)

  cfdev -

[quote]@TheFaico : Merci ! et merci pour le soin de la gestion des courgétoile , c'est top ! J'ai mis les fichier à télécharger ; dommage que mon site n'a aucune option pour faire du multi-lingue -_-' ; si tu repostes quelquepart cette version en français , je peux peut-être ajouter le liens ici. Merci pour avoir mis les mains dans les sources ;-)[/quote]

@DavidREVOY -> MultiLingue … ve/ A tester

  David REVOY OP , -

@SeriousM :Thanks !

@cfdev : ha, là ; gros merci pour ce lien ! Je vais étudier ça avec attention.

  Grace -

Love!!!!! Oh sir i love the concept of dragan cow and the ending is superbbbb ... Love your work and colors as usual :)

  Anna -

I love this comic! Beautiful work!

  Garry Osgood -

Ah! A P&C fix! Life is again rosy and fair. I very much enjoy the evolution of style from episode to episode, and in particular your line work. Heavens knows, I'm no technophobe, but there is something especially fine in the line of an HB pencil over paper with a slight tooth. Nothing in the digital world yet comes close. So I've followed with a technical interest in how you go about preserving the nuance of your pencil work and how Ronounour's (a.k.a. David T.) interactive coloring tool lets you block out color in a manner sensitive to those nuances. Keep up the good work. Now if I can only hang in until Episode 4...

  David REVOY OP , -

@Grace : Thank you :)

@Anna : Thanks!

@Garry Osgood : :-) Hey, thanks for noticing the evolution ! I'll also keep shifting a bit the style in the future ep.4 , I'm looking for something a little bit more 'sketchy' than ep.3 but still 'clean'. xD a paradox.

  Ekaterina Volkova -

Elle est super !!!)))))))

  Grunt -

Do you accept BitCoins or another digital currency in that magic cylinder-hat of yours?

  Di -

I love your imagination

  David REVOY OP , -

@Grunt : Hi Grunt, unfortunately , I still didn't setup this. I should keep an eye on it and do it. Thanks for the reminder.

@Di : Thanks :)

@Ekaterina Volkova : Merci Ekaterina !

  Grunt -

Ok, then I guess I will have to renew my VISA card. But should by nice to have Pepper holding a magic stone with QR code and „ありがとうございます“, „Merci!“ in box above. I personally think, she would be irresistible with these pretty blue DERP eyes. Just a suggestion… :-)

  David REVOY OP , -

@Grunt : Oh... your small Japanese text and idea gave me the desire to make a fake manga cover of Pepper&Carrot in Japanese :D I hope I 'll find time to do this, for the fun. Thanks !

  Grunt -

By the way: That ain't bad idea at all. Your outlines are great. But I'm little sceptical about manga version…it isn't that simple.

  David REVOY OP , -

@Grunt : Oh sure, it's a big challenge. I had a look to it, and it's even more difficult to make it sound right than I thought. I have full admiration for mangas ( my bookshelf are full of them ), and doing a special episode with the proper line-art, toning, and study all the codes that make it looks really ' in' is an enormous task. Same for a fake cover :-) but I keep the challenge in my mind.

  Foul Ole John -

Dragon Cow!

  Rabina -

Your comics are great, I greatly enjoy the humour and the beauty of the art.

But a sad thought just occured to me: it’s kinda sad that in a busy marketplace, where you can meet all kinds of characters from antoromorphic pigs to dinosaurs, you can meet only one kind of people: white people... I would love it if the diversity of the market square were extended to people too... :|

  David REVOY OP , -

@Rabina : Hi Rabina, Thank you ! and yes you are right, on the next episode ( I'm working on it since mid-December 2015, but should be released on mid-february :-/ A big piece of work ) I'm introducing new witches for the contest, and they will be much more 'colorful' and from various horizons of my little world. I hope it will fix this issue I made ( without even thinking about it ; mea culpa ).

  Rabina -

Glad to hear it, thanks!

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