Cosmos Landromat open-movie

Cosmos Landromat ( aka The project Gooseberry ) is the name of the Blender Foundation's 5th Open Movie project : a short movie pilot about Frank a sad sheep isolated on a empty island and Victor, a human-like character proposing new experiences in  his landromat magical experiments. 

I worked on the preproduction as a Concept-artist during August 2014 and left the team in october 2014.  Here is a sample of my work on it:


  Flem - Reply

Plutôt inspiré, comme toujours. :)

Je préfère la douceur de ton speedpaint au rendu 3D, un peu trop "piquant" va-t-on dire.
Bravo David.

  Adam - Reply

so beautiful

  Campu - Reply

wonderful pieces !

  Danny russell - Reply

hello there i was wounding if you can do a video on comic book making in krita like covers and fished ones thanks

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Danny russell : Hi Danny, yes, I do a monthly video tutorial on my youtube channel.

  charlotte - Reply


  Taposy Rabeya - Reply

Brilliant artwork!! These are awesome!! Like these.

  Tovin - Reply

Wow! Really cool. Its fun to see how much it changed from original concept art to final movie!

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