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This painting represent a "keeper" ( "Gardienne" in French ). She's a spirit I created working as a sailor keeper, waiting them all the night when the lighthouse have a problem. She have a dark side I symbolized with a "Cthulhu haircut" but in overall she's a good spirit.

Prints available on deviantArt


  Altorane - Reply


J'adore ce que tu fais, bravo, mais je dois dire que c'est "gardienne" et non pas "guardienne" je faisais aussi la faute parce que j'échangeais avec l'anglais "gardian" Mais sinon, le dessin est super !
Voilà, continue ainsi, tes travaux me motivent pour réaliser des dessins grâce à l'ordinateur, alors bon courage.

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Altorane :
Merci Altorane. Pour le titre c'est la version anglaise en fait :
Par contre, j'ai aucune excuse pour quand je dis " ( "Guardienne" in French )" c'est une erreur ça , et je vais le corriger en " ( "Gardienne" in French ) "
Many thanks !

  Al - Reply

Hello! It's Photoshop or Krita? Good job! I love it!

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Al : Hi Al, It's probably my only artwork half proprierary, half open-source. When I posted it 6 years ago , I was doing the switch ( entering the Sintel open-movie team ) . So, the background and not detailed part were first made with Photoshop CS 2 while I was teaching in Namur computer gfx ; and body/skin were finished in Mypaint and Gimp ( by 2009 , Krita were not a really a good tool ). :-)

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