Krita Sketch on Wacom Cintiq21UX

I rarely do fan-art ; but can-you recognize this team ? :-)

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  MichaÅ‚ - Reply

Hi, David I have big request... could you upload some of your brush stuff for Krita?! Please!!!

  José Daniel Ramírez Amador - Reply

Chrono Cross?

  José Daniel Ramírez Amador - Reply

Sorry, Chrono Trigger?

  David REVOY - Reply

hehe, not Chrono Cross :)

@Michał : Sure ! the brush kit is still not complete and icons might change ( with other artist we are setting up a sort of standard documentation for it, and I'm waiting confirmation of the stabilisation ). Waiting this moment, you can try this beta version ; all brush were rewritten from scratch since V2 , so they are all a bit different : , feel free to give feedback about it :)

  Le_Hobbit - Reply

Secret of Mana. You make me want to play this game again :) Great sketch

  David REVOY - Reply

@Le_Hobbit : Win ! yes, it's Secret of Mana ; one of my favorite game ever :)
for the one who don't know :

  Jacob - Reply

Hi David,

I'm trying out your new brush set and many of them have a red X on them and won't work. Is there a brush trouble shooting post to list them in?

  David REVOY - Reply

@Jacob : Hey Jacob , are you talking on my v2 brushkit or on the newer beta V3 one ( I give the link under so I'm confuse ) .
The V2 has issue with last Krita master ; some internal brush linked with Krita get name change, and hard to fix because the change are not over.
For the last beta Kit , I split all dependencies from Krita, so I use only my brush resources to avoid any problems.

  MichaÅ‚ - Reply

Thanks for the brushes David:) Definitely gonna check them out.

  Jacob - Reply


I tried the beta v3 set. I'm also using the newest version of Krita for Windows as well, if that tells you anything.

  Matthieu - Reply

i really love your art style.

thx a lot agin for sharing you brush kit :)

  artbottle - Reply

May I ask where I can get this sort of hand protection (I don't know the professional term) that you are wearing? I have been looking for such a thing for a while now without success...

  David REVOY - Reply

@artbottle : I found mine typing 'glove' on the search field of Wacom e-shop website. It was around 15€ as far as I remember. I had to adapt mine a bit ( shorten a bit the last finger with sewing it a little bit ) , but since this time it doesn't change aspect with time ( I have it since 2010 ) . Easy to wash & dry, material is a bit like 'bathing suit' tissue :) I wear it more than 6h / days ^ ^ . I recommand it even for normal tablet , because it's smooth !

@Matthieu & @Jacob ; thanks for the feedback about V3 ; I'll probably release the final brush kit this week ; I made little change to improve performance, and I'll change a bit the thumbnail to match the new standards specification we invented with Ramon and Animtim.

  artbottle - Reply

Thank you very much for your answer. This helps me a lot! :)

  Taposy Rabeya - Reply

Very cool. You always inspire me and I love your work as always.

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