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cockadoodlefusrodaaa :D

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The new theme for the website is superb!
You are truly profesional!!!

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what a feathers!

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  Simon Legrand

Beautiful man!

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Awesome work as always!

Your new theme has a nice new structure but I'm not a fan of the lightgrey colors.^^

Btw.: Kubuntu 13.04 is here. Time for an upgrade? ;)

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It looks Pretty asusual.. but why now a day you are posting video tutorials like owl princess. i really want to see this workflow..

  David REVOY

Thanks !

@extraymond : merci for the new website theme ; I made it myself, and my CSS + Php was rusty :) It took me a lot of time !

@Simon Legrand : Hey, thx for passing on my blog Simon !

@André : Thx! you are right, a bit too greyish in the Background. Ohoh , I saw about 13.04 . I have to test about the main Ubuntu one. It's my ultimate goal to join the main trunk : Ubuntu. About an upgrade, why not ; but also as everything is working right now for me on MintKDE14 ( based on 12.10 ) , I'm not really motivated. I'm sure motivation will come back if I read promising benchmark on Phoronix :D

@Grace : Thx! True for video, I should more, I still forgot to record when I spend time on personnal artwork. I'll try to make a new video asap.

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J'aime beaucoup ce dessin les plumes sont vraiment magnifique !

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  Anna Lina De Sario

Hi David:D How are you? :) It's a long time that I don't visit your blog, 'cause I'm busy with projects at accademy. There are new interesting artworks! :D Wow!! Great! :D Peacock Dragon is my favorite:D
Ps Do you Know Collody's Pinocchio? I'm working about it. I'll send you the finished project so that you can give me your opinion about it. =D

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  jules leroux

vos dessins sons tous aussi fantastiques les uns que les autres !!!:P
c'est génial et en plus vous métriser parfaitement l'anglais (se que je ne fait pas du tout :D)bref votre hunivers est tous simplement transportant et magique .

  David REVOY

@clementine : Merci Clementine !

@Anna Lina De Sario : Hey Anna ! Long time no ''digitally-see' :-) Thx for the peacock dragon. Collody's Pinocchio sound a really cool work ! I didn't knew it, I know a bit more now with a wikipedia search. Good luck with it and don't hesitate to send an email with picture when it's done, I'll enjoy for sure.

@jules leroux : Merci Jules ! C'est très encourageant surtout pour le " transportant et magique " . J'aimerai vraiment passé le pas , et me lancer dans une oeuvre narrative plus longue avec ce style.

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  William Perkins

Really admire this piece David I like the strong contrast of the bright colorful peacock dragon against the grey sky reminds me of how the bright colors of Christmas brighten up the cold bitter wind swept sky. lovely work. Just curious would you mind if I set some of your artwork to my desktop wallpaper?..

  David REVOY

@William Perkins : Hey ! Thx for the feedback . Feel free to set it as a wallpaper ; I allow it for personnal usage ( and even if you do screencast or conference with your wallpaper , no problem ). I posted a 1920x1080 version if you click on the preview for this usage. :)

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Wow! So beautiful!

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  Gety Survi

I got this web site from my friend , cool dragon artworks :-)

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  Taposy Rabeya

What a great idea and great art. Love so much

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