Krita workshop at LGM 2013

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It will be my first LGM !  I hope to meet a lot of you around this event and have good time :-)

The theme :

The workshop will be about digital painting with Krita.
I'll adapt my workshop to my audience, but my main guideline will be "speedpainting with Krita : tips and tricks to refine your process."
And the idea I have in head is to build a symmetry portrait as the one I painted on my previous post here , step by step. I think its a good exercice for beginner or experienced artists, accessible and also very fast rewarding : Krita paint literally  half of the artwork for you.

Place / Date / Hour

Friday 12 april 2013 at the Libre Graphic Meeting in Medialab Prado‘s brand new building in Madrid city center.
Workshop will happen between 14h30 - 16h30 ( duration 2h ) in RoomC
More infos on LGM official website .

Billing/Reservation :

LGM is free and open to all! Registration is not required.
But feel free to leave a comment if you can be around.


I'll keep the demo active and interactive, participant can bring laptop and tablet with Krita ( <= 2.6 ) to paint during the presentation.
Note:  It's also OK to come with Mypaint or any other software.
Curious and spectator without tablet hardware or laptop are also warmly welcome.

Workshop content overview :

- Choosing a new document
- Make a first brush
- Have good Dockers around
- Calibrate your hand, eyes and tablet
- The essential shortcut for painting in confort
- Thinking in layer, using layers
- The joy of grey value, and color selectors
- Edges and happyness
- Fancy Brushes
- Various way to save project

... and if we got extra time
- Coloring
- Color adjustement
- Export tips with calligraconverter

My LGM 2013 :

A lot of cool people will be around . Here are the talk I 'll follow in priority :

-Thu11   ( 17h30-18h10 Auditorium ) Krita Foundation with Boudewijn Rempt, "Krita Sketch" with Timothée Giet
                ( 18h20-18h40 Auditorium ) Display Calibration with Richard Hughes
                ( 19h00-19h20 Auditorium ) G'MIC with David Tschumperlé
                ( 19h40-20h00 Auditorium ) Save/Export talk with the Gimp team

- Fri12     ( 14h30-16h30 RoomC ) My workshop about painting with Krita :-)

- Sat13    ( 12h20-12h40 Auditorium ) Animation with Blender - Jakub Steiner
                 ( 12h40-13h00 Auditorium ) MyPaint dev with Jon Nordby
                 ( note :  also Martin Renold, and Andrew Chadwick around LGM , so 95% of Mypaint's  source code author  )
                 ( 13:30~~     Auditorium ) Closing discution

Also, here are 2 workshop I'll not attend, but really recommend :
- Wed10    ( 14h30-16h30 RoomA ) Konstantin Dmitriev , Workshop about character animation with Synfig
- Thu11     ( 14h30-16h30 RoomD ) 'Krita Sketch' workshop Timothée Giet

For the full program, have a look here



  kot-barbos - Reply

"LGM is free and open to all!"
OMG!!! I envy those who can visit this event. Sooooo many interesting!


  Drayldan - Reply

Krita is definitely worth propagate.
Is the video recording will be available from this meeting???


  deburger - Reply

so bad hat i'm too far :(


  deburger - Reply

sorry *that :lol:


  kot-barbos - Reply

Да, Дебургер, нам такие семинары только снились :(((


  JayJay - Reply

Will the video be available later online ?


  Taposy Rabeya - Reply



  Taposy Rabeya - Reply

Yes, Deburger we only dreamed of such seminars.

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