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Boat City

Published the 12 november 2012 in Misc, oldies and sketches with tags : Krita, Mypaint, landscape, cc-by-nd-nc

artwork by David Revoy
Plenty of rusty abandoned boats on a sunny island. I probably need holidays.   
Painted in Mypaint and Krita.

Screenshot of some-making of steps  :

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1. Andre

monday 12 november 2012, 20:31

Awesome job!!!

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2. joker

monday 12 november 2012, 21:46

magnifique !

Je suis sûr que tu pourrais tenir le cap pour un projet kickstarter pour financer le dev de nouveau logiciels pour les créatifs, "créer par les créatifs pour les créatifs"....

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monday 12 november 2012, 22:05

Great work David!

Very whimsical image with a nice colour palette.

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4. BlenderAttitude

monday 12 november 2012, 23:17

Magnifique ! Bravo David !

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monday 12 november 2012, 23:19

... au fait, y a-t'il un tuto MyPaint/Krita en approche ?

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tuesday 13 november 2012, 13:49

Hey! Playing chess with a water dragon... How cool! Great atmosphere too :)

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tuesday 13 november 2012, 14:51

Amazing!! Really great work! Beautiful picture.

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8. review writers

thursday 20 november 2014, 23:38

Excellente ecole. Je voudrais que mes enfants etudient dans cette ecole. Merci pour l'info, je vais attendre pour leurs enfants.

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monday 30 march 2015, 10:02

Saw your painting of Boat City. I suggest it is marvelous piece of art. When i looked at your painting it made me sad & alone in side me. I don't know why i had this feeling but it arose a feeling of loneliness inside me. How you have captured abandoned ships & a girl sitting in the painting, it is fantastic. It is fascinating art work, I would grade it 10/10 for this painting.

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