SketchDump October 2012

 I had a bit of time in plane to draw for relax during my journey to Torino. Here is a selection of sketchbook pages.


  deburger - Reply

inspring... what sketchbook do you use?

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@deburger : Hey Deburger :) It's 2 years I use a type of sketchbook named 'Cachet by Daler&Rowney' , I find them on my art store. It does look like that : , size is 18cmx25cm ; a bit more little than a A4 , handy to but in majority of bag designed to handle A4 documents.

  Winterfox - Reply

i like that younger guy down on page 4. Looks sympathetic and somehow familiar to me

  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@Winterfox : nice to see you around Winter :)

  Taposy Rabeya - Reply

Super beautiful art!! Love so much. Thanks a lot.

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