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I'm currently hired on the Mango project in Amsterdam, the 4th open movie of the Blender Foundation ; and I keep posting artworks on the Mango blog but I also just posted a free tutorial article about the workflow of digital storyboarding with Krita. 

For the tutorial on the Mango production blog , follow this link :



  tshirtman - Reply


Nice work, and cool for sharing your insight on krita! i should try it again when i have something to draw (i know more gimp, but more for _image editing_ than for drawing).

(oh, and "actually" mean "really" not "currently" typical error from french people ;)).


  David REVOY OP , - Reply

@tshirtman : Thx to be around , and thanks for the typos :) fixed ! Krita 2.4 stable will be out soon ; maybe in few months. I think the Windows version will keep 'beta' during longer time.


  Steven Powers (SMP) - Reply


Great to see that your part of the new project. I loved the last one. I take it you are doing the storyboard this time?
Good luck. Hope to see Krita for Windows soon.

Keep up the good work,


  zanshine - Reply

Hey David, glade you're part of this new project. Just a quick update on a old cfsl post you might miss: … 0#p1272810

See you there!

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