Capitole du Libre 2011 workshop

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I'm very happy this time to not have to cross the Europe by plane to go to an interesting meeting around the open-source, but take only my bicycle. Great ! 'Capitole du Libre' will happen this week-end (saturday/sunday) at the ENSEEIHT (fr) in Toulouse (wiki). The event is the evolution of the last year "Ubuntu party" but with now a title more open to gather all the project around the libre and not only Ubuntu related talks. I just couldn't imagine to not participate in it , and thanks to the cool organisation, I got very good dates : 2 events at 14h00 :) Many thanks , I love starting the afternoon. We will have for sure a good time. 

This year I propose as a volunteer two free meeting : one conference, and one workshop ; both will be in french, and first one will be recorded ( for further streaming , maybe ) . 

Saturday 26 november : 
Amphi C002 (Multimedia) 
~ 14h00-15h00  [1h] ~
"Mypaint 1.0 , basic creation process of brushes with Mypaint"
( 1h , I will not dive into too complex settings )

Sunday 27 november :
Salle A203
~ 14h00-17h00  [3h] ~
"Workshop : creation of a digital painting : Mypaint + Gimp"
( a workshop where every one will paint. Bring a working tablet , and Mypaint 0.9 or + and Gimp 2.6 or + ) 

more infos here for the main website(fr)  and here for the scheduling(fr)  and registering for the workshop. See you there !

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