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Here a free model-sheet of my cute character 'little bot bunny' ( or LBB, or nicknamed 'Lap1'  ). I release him under the Creative Commons By license . In short , this license allow you to share it for free, use it for free on your project ( even commercial ) , do derivative with it, teach how to model or to what you want with it ...etc... ... Only one condition ; you should mention me in your project as the concept-artist and this should be publicly visible (exemple : "concept-art : David Revoy ," somewere in your credit, or in the bottom description, etc... ). Feel free to use on it the 3D material you want, customise it, pose it as you want: modifications and derivatives are allowed . Exemple : you can do a steampunk version of it rusty with your own design on the top.

I did it as a gift you can find bundled with my recent interview in the free PDF magazine 'Blender Art' #35.
Feel free to use the comment to post a link to share your result. 
Have a good modeling time !
 ( and I hope to see epic bunny fighting scene )

[ update : here  an additional sketch about ears ]

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License: CC-BY David Revoy,, .

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  Blork - Reply

Amusant ! :D Et joli design.

  Sandra Gilbert - Reply

Feel free to post any images you create of Little Bot Bunny on Blenderart's facebook page. We would love to see them too.

  Steven Powers (SMP) - Reply

I saw this on DA earlier. I love it.

  raj - Reply

you r really awesom

  Sen Lin - Reply

Star Wars Bot Bunny :) Very cute!

  Konstantin - Reply

In OpenSource world do we have some similar magazine like BlenderArt only for 2D artist e.g. GimpArt magazine or maybe MyPaint magazine. I have been subscribing 2DArtist Magazine ( but there is mostly only photoshop tutorials and I would like to jump to away from PS to OpenSource programs.

  David REVOY - Reply

@Konstantin : Hey, No for the moment we are still a little amount of user, and not a lot of contributor community-wise. Ressources to learn 2D open-sources are online tutorial via search engine, or the DVD I did. But all of this is pretty recent.

  David REVOY - Reply

@All : Thanks :)
Yep, feel free to send result also to @Sandra Gilbert from Blender art magazine :

  Nathaniel Schultz - Reply

Thanks for sharing, now I need to find time to get back into blender... on top of writing my book, learning to how I can attempt to be as awesome as you, oh yeah and working 60 hour weeks!

That is ok,challenge accepted....

  Dochi Ramadhani - Reply

nice...i like it

  Giovanny Arce - Reply

Looks really nice, I think I will make a 3d model from that sheet, and make the textures this time in gimp, I think I will do it this next week in my free time, I will let you know, thanks again David.

  Kao_chen - Reply

I am in love with your Little Bot Bunny, so I decided to send it through Blender to make it more real.
See the result here:

and … awAW8D82yQ

Kind regards

  Nicole Guinamard - Reply

Très mignon ! :)

  Taposy Rabeya - Reply

Beautiful as always.

  dhkln\argfev - Reply


  David REVOY - Reply

cat on keyboard problem ?

  Krauser II - Reply

Here's my take on it in 3D....

  David REVOY - Reply

Good job, I like the flying overboard and the red color!
Thanks for sharing the result.

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